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Tom has been an active member of his communities throughout his Air Force career and throughout retirement. See for more information. He’s now motivated to take his years of leadership experience and management expertise, both as a senior military officer and corporate executive, to better represent the constituents of State House District 28. This campaign is a grassroots effort to restore the common values and principles that bring us all together and make us proud to call ourselves New Mexicans.

If you agree with him, that we can do better educating our children, preparing our young adults for employment in the workforce and improving our economy with a “business friendly” environment…then we have work to do. And, as an overarching denominator to all of these issues, we must get a handle on the crime in our community. Join Tom in the fight for New Mexico’s future!

Your support in that fight is critical to accomplishing the mission. First, and foremost, he would be honored to receive your vote in November. It is a long road to the general election. Any financial support you may feel inclined to provide at this time would be greatly appreciated. (Please see “To Donate” below)

The military culture is built around the foundation of “One Team, One Fight”. Regardless of your race, religion or creed, once you are in the unit and committed to the mission you are “all in”. We as constituents of State House District 28 need to look at it in the same light. That we are One Team and One Fight and “all in” for improving our representation at the State House!

We have an opportunity to work together to accomplish the mission: To Restore Leadership and Common Values to New Mexico. Let’s Make Common Sense Common Again!

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My mission in Santa Fe will be to always put the people of New Mexico and specifically the constituents of House District 28 before politics. I want to focus on what brings us together, not what divides us. I am referring to those core values and principles such as God, Family, and Country…all of which transcend race, gender, and party lines. I want to defend each New Mexican’s rights and freedoms under the law, just as I took an oath for over 30 years of active duty military service to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States….”

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