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Educational Strength:

Quality education is key to a brighter New Mexico future.  Despite a current year $1.47 billion budget, as well as past years large expenditures, we see imperceptible improvements in our children’s education.  Graduation rates are as low as 72%. Average math proficiency is at 16% and reading is at 36%.  We can and should do better!  We need to ensure classroom teachers and their students are the first priority of administration and school board management.  Ensuring High School Seniors graduate with a quality education and capable of becoming productive citizens makes them less likely to become involved in illicit activity and crime on the streets.

Employment Improvement:

At the post-secondary level, we are not preparing our young adults for the workforce necessary to fulfill high-demand job requirements of the State of New Mexico.  We need to work with Businesses and Industry to identify those jobs and skills necessary to keep the economic engine of New Mexico running.  We need to then focus on both, vocational and four-year degree programs necessary to prepare students with the skills necessary to enter the workforce.  We can focus the State’s limited tuition assistance resources on the highest existing needs/job vacancies, while preparing our young adults for job skills needed in New Mexico.  Preparing our young adults with job skills necessary for today’s workforce once again, makes them productive citizens, rather than vulnerable to illicit activity.

Economic Growth:

The State of New Mexico limits itself to business expansion. Several factors contribute to the fact that many businesses and corporations are dissuaded from moving to our State. First, is the quality of our schools. Second, is our high crime rate. Third, is the high cost of doing business through the New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax. And fourth, is the fact that New Mexico is not a, “Right to Work Law” State. We must address all four of these issues in order to become competitive with surrounding states and attract major businesses and corporations to take up business in New Mexico.

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My mission in Santa Fe will be to always put the people of New Mexico and specifically the constituents of House District 28 before politics. I want to focus on what brings us together, not what divides us. I am referring to those core values and principles such as God, Family, and Country…all of which transcend race, gender, and party lines. I want to defend each New Mexican’s rights and freedoms under the law, just as I took an oath for over 30 years of active duty military service to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States….”

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